Spaying & Neutering

Spaying and neutering aids in population control, behaviour management, and lowering health risks.

Spaying and neutering are important for the health of your cat, and to help control the very large cat overpopulation problem we have.

What is spaying or neutering?

Spaying is a surgical procedure whereby the uterus and ovaries are removed from a female cat. Neutering is the procedure whereby the testicles are surgically removed from a male cat.

When should I neuter/spay my cat?

We recommend spaying and neutering at about 6 months of age after the vaccine series is finished, and before the female cat has a heat cycle.

What is the procedure to spay/neuter a cat?

Your kitty should be fasted overnight and brought into the hospital in the morning. Pre-surgical bloodwork is drawn to make sure the internal organs are functioning normally. A sedative is given, an IV catheter is placed, and the cat is anesthetized. A small area is clipped, and the surgery is performed in our OR. Blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels are monitored closely. Fluids are given, and temperature monitored and controlled by trained technicians. When surgery is finished, the kitty is monitored, given long-acting pain medication and kept warm until fully awake. Sutures are generally absorbable and do not have to be removed.

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