Famous Cat Actors of Past and Present

Did you know that animals can have many jobs? From service animals to emotional support animals, to working in the entertainment industry! Many pets enjoy having a job, provided they are treated fairly and it is something that works for their individual personality.

Here are some famous kitties:

Vito Vincent – Vito Vincent is an orange tabby that has starred in many famous productions. He has been on Breakfast At Tiffany’s on Broadway and has been on 30 Rock and The Colbert Report.

Morris – Morris was an orange tabby tomcat that was in several famous commercials in the 70’s and 80’s. Morris was rescued from an Illinois shelter, right before he was scheduled to be euthanized. He became very famous and was even in Shamu, with Burt Reynolds. Morris also wrote three books. Since then he has unfortunately passed on, but there is now a rule that any cat that plays Morris must be a rescue cat.

Ted Nude-Gent – Ted is the cat who played Mr. Bigglesworth, Dr. Evil’s beloved cat in Austin Powers.

Tiki – Tiki is a Himalayan cat who played Sassy in Homeward Bound. She was originally rescued from a kitten mill. She played the role perfectly, and even had to work alongside dogs!

Crackerjack and Pumpkin – These two red Persians played Crookshanks in the Harry Potter franchise! Crookshanks is supposed to look scruffy according to the books, so the trainer of these cats had to stick shedded fur back onto them for their scenes.

Pebbles – Pebbles is one of the cats who played Mrs. Norris in the Harry Potter films. She is used in all of the scenes where Mrs. Norris is pacing the corridors. Pebbles was great at walking around the set and stopping when indicated.

Orangey – Orangey was an orange male tabby who was very famous. He won two Patsy Awards (Picture Animal Top Star of The Year) and he is the only cat to ever win two! He was in many films including Rhubarb, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, The Diary of Anne Frank, and The Incredible Shrinking Man.

Amber and Rumple – These two kitties played Jake in the film, The Cat From Outer Space.

Elvis, Lucy, Salem, and Witch – These four black American shorthair cats played Salem in popular television series Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Written by Mikaila Cariou, RVT