Pets Plus Us Insurance for My Cat

Peace of Mind with Pet Insurance

Many of our staff pets here at Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital have pet insurance. This is because if they get into any sort of accident or become ill, finances do not add to an already stressful situation. My cat Ginger has pet insurance, and for him, I chose to go with Pets Plus Us insurance. His plan is the Accident and Illness Plan. If he gets into some sort of terrible accident (falling out a window, getting hit by a car), or gets an illness (heart failure, kidney failure, pancreatitis, etc), I can get him the treatment he needs without worrying about money. If Ginger is sick in any way, the last thing I want to be thinking about is finances. Instead, I want to be doing my best to help him feel better.

Why Pets Plus Us Stands Out

I signed him up for Pets Plus Us insurance services, rather than another company for a few different reasons. These reasons include his medical history, age, inclusions, special benefits, coverage and up-front information. I also value that this is a Canadian company – they have their head office, call centre, and licensed agents all in Canada.

Senior Pets and Insurance: Ginger's Story

Ginger is a nine-year-old cat, so, therefore, is considered a senior. Some pet insurance companies will not sign up senior animals for insurance or will charge a lot more for them to be insured. Pets Plus Us will cover animals of any age! They do not increase the monthly premium as your pet ages, or if you file a lot of claims, though there is potential it will increase due to inflation.

Addressing Pre-existing Conditions

Ginger has a bit of a complicated medical history, he is a rescue cat which some insurance companies will charge more for. He has also had a previous foreign body surgery, many insurance companies consider a previous foreign body ingestion a pre-existing condition and will not cover it if it happens again. Pets Plus Us will not cover foreign body surgery for one year (if they previously had one), from the date you start your insurance. After that, they will cover it.

Comprehensive Coverage and Special Benefits

Pets Plus Us covers a lot if you have the Accident and Illness Plan. They will cover exams, emergency care, medications, hospitalization, surgeries, drugs, specialist referrals, and many other things. They also cover alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy, chiropractic care, and homeopathy. You only have to pay the deductible once, even if you make lots of claims.

Ginger is a senior, when I signed up for pet insurance I did have to provide them with notes from a recent check-up, as well as recent bloodwork and urinalysis. This allows the insurance company to make sure he does not have pre-existing conditions as a senior pet. Pets Plus Us sends you the underwriting (what is covered) right away when you sign up. This allows for you to know what is covered and what is not before anything happens. No one wants any surprises when their pet is sick!

The Value of Additional Benefits

My last reason for choosing Pets Plus Us is all the additional benefits they offer at no added cost. They offer a PetHelpFone™, a Pet Poison Helpline, Compassionate Care Line, Pet Concierge, $1000 Emergency Medical Coverage, and a free magazine subscription to either Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine. The PetHelpFone™ is a team of experienced veterinary technicians who are available when your normal practice is not, and can help talk you through your pet’s medical issues. As I am a veterinary technician, I likely won’t use this service, but it is still nice to have the option. The Pet Poison Helpline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. If your pet ingests something they should not, then you can call and determine if it is toxic and what to do. The Compassionate Care Line is unique and I’m sure very beneficial to a lot of people. They have an in-house counsellor who can help pets owners deal with things such as losing their pets or dealing with a terminal or otherwise bad diagnosis. The Pet Concierge can help you find pet-related services or businesses. If your pet becomes lost and incurs a life-threatening injury while lost, Pets Plus Us will give you $1000 in Emergency Medical Coverage (as well as your normal pet insurance coverage). The free magazine subscription that comes with your insurance is a Modern Cat or Modern Dog (based on which type of pet you insure). All of these things are great extras to have!


I am so glad that Ginger is insured. He is my best friend, and I want to give him the best care no matter what happens to him. Pet insurance gives me great peace of mind that if something terrible happens, money will not be an issue. I can take him to emergency clinics or the Atlantic Veterinary College if that’s what he needs. I highly recommend that everyone sign up their pets for pet insurance, even if they are seniors! 1 in 3 pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year, and most pets will become ill or injured at some point throughout their lives. Ask us if you want to know more about pet insurance, or if you want to start a free trial!

Written by Mikaila Cariou, RVT