Love Pumpkin

My heart still beats, but not for long
I now am weak but once was strong.

I’ll fall asleep, nice and calm
Now hold me close, it won’t be long.

I know you don’t want to let me go
But now is the time, I know you know.

I go surrounded by those I love
My spirit soars just like a dove.

I know you did the best for me
And now, and now, you set me free.

Know you will not be alone,
I will be there in your home.

Forever held close to your heart,
We will never be apart.

So now I sit and I wait for you to come home,
No longer in those flesh coloured bones.

By the rainbow bridge, I will wait,
For you to join me at the pearly gates.

Thank you for all you have done for me,
Thank you for finally setting me free

Love, Pumpkin

Written by Dr. Teigen Bond DVM