Fleas, Ticks & Worms- Ugh!

Are Your Pets at Risk?

Is your pet at risk for any of the following ?:

  1. Fleas
  2. Ticks
  3. Worms
  4. All of the above

Answer: All of the above (and they ALL can be tough to spot!)

Schedule your pet’s annual checkup at Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital today to be sure your pet is healthy!

Signs and Symptoms of Common Pet Ailments

Is your dog very tired? Is your cat eating less than usual? These seemingly minor changes may mean your pet has a flea allergy, an internal parasite infection, or a tick-related disease.

The Flea Menace: More Than Just Annoying

Let’s talk about fleas first. The majority of pets don’t have fleas—but many have been bitten because fleas are everywhere! Yes, fleas live outdoors but they can live indoors too – even in really clean homes – year-round in any climate. Fleas will gladly hitch a ride on your pet into your house. And all it takes is one flea bite (specifically the fleas saliva), to set off a full-blown skin allergy. Pets may scratch at their sides, back and around the tail region until they’re red and painful. What pet wants to move around or eat when feeling this miserable?

Internal Parasites: Invisible but Dangerous

Internal parasites (such as worms) can infect your pet in a number of ways. Sometimes, it’s hard to know if your pet has them, as they are not always visible in the stool. But left untreated, worms can be dangerous to your pet’s health and well-being. Some intestinal parasites can even infect humans. Through regular deworming you can keep your pets worm free.

The Threat of Ticks: Small but Deadly

Ticks are tricky. Even when you check your pet for ticks they can be tough to find because they’re small and hide well in dark fur. But it’s crucial to find ticks and remove them quickly. Why? Some ticks carry bacteria that cause disease (such as Lyme disease, but there are many others). And all you need is one undetected tick bite for your pet to become infected. They can become sick and develop kidney disease.

Good News: Prevention and Treatment

Ugh! Is there any good news?


We’re experts when it comes to flea allergies, tick and internal parasite checks. Even if your pet is on regular monthly preventive, it is still important for us to make sure your pet is healthy.

Make an appointment for your pet’s annual checkup today at Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital– we’ll give them a thorough physical exam from nose to tail. Let’s also confirm the prevention you’re using is right for your pet!

Written by Dr. Shelagh Cantley